Marlene Duffy

bottleplot and Marlene Duffy

Marlene Duffy (mɑrˈˈleɪnə ˈdʌfi) german wine lover and journalist. Duffy has worked as a certified educator at Germany’s most reputable Wine and Sommelier School. She has specialized on “Sensorik”, wine tasting technics and wine evaluation, as well as the harmony of food and wine.
Blogging on www.bottleplot.com, Marlene has been creating a lot of media attention, followed by regular requests to host masterclasses and tastings in various fields or judge for Magazines such as Wein+Markt. She’s been heavily involved in the German Blogger scene , has been hosting the Twitter Wine Tasting at the worlds larges Tech Trade Show CeBit and even had the honour of being a Guest Speaker at the Art Directors Club.
Marlene has temporarily relocated to Sydney and is totally happy about having started bottleplot up again, after a “short baby break”.

bottleplot (ˈbɒtl plɒt) online platform for everyone that is crazy about wine, featuring vlogger Marlene Duffy. NEW! Now in english!!
All of the wines presented on bottleplot have been carefully chosen by Marlene. Marlene is producing bottleplot herself and is not connected to any wine shop.

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